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NOTE: It is important that you download and read the
      College Prospectus, especially the College General
      Information, Rules and Conditions, as you need
      to sign and date the Enrolment Form acknowledging
      that you have read, understood and accept these

The process for Enrolment is:

1. Download and read the College Prospectus.

2. Download and complete the Enrolment Form, including
    signing and dating.

3. Include in your Enrolment Form, the method of payment,
        i. PayPal
        ii. Cheque
        iii. Money Order
        iv. Bank Transfer (upon request)


• Full payment of $242.00 is required to secure a place in
   Reflexology I
• A deposit of $55 is required to secure a place for all other
  courses. This deposit will be deducted from the last
  seminar of course of study OR from the last amount due as


4. Email, fax or mail (as applicable) the Enrolment Form to
    the College.

5. Upon receipt the College will process your Enrolment and
    forward a College Receipt and all appropriate information
    (Confirmation of Enrolment, venue, directions and
    accommodation) as applicable.


enrolment-form-word.png OR enrolment-form-pdf.png

NOTE: The College upholds the Australian Privacy & Confidentiality Acts and therefore all information provided is used only by the College Administration pruposes.

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